Fluorosilicone Extrusions

Fluorosilicone Extrusions

Reliance Rubber Industries, established in 1990, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of supreme custom extruded silicone rubber and molded rubber products. With a mission of delivering the utmost quality merchandise to its customers, it has a wide range of product options to choose from. Among the numerous products, silicone strips, silicone rubber u-channel, rubber O-rings, flourish-silicone rubber extrusions and silicone rubber cords are the most demanded ones.

Fluorosilicone Extrusions

Silicone rubber is a very versatile elastomer with excellent rubber sealing properties. However it has poor performance when it comes to applying to fuel and oil environment. Fluorosilicone rubber (FSR) extrusions is special kind of saturated elastomer having excellent fluid resistance properties that distinguish it from regular silicone rubber and many organic elastomers. FSR provides excellent resistance to petroleum oil, fossil fuel, solvent and mineral oil. Even prolonged immersion in harsh engine oils, transmission and power steering fluids, and all grades of gasoline and jet fuels causes only slight swelling and has little effect on properties. Since FSR are made up of a siloxane backbone and fluorocarbon pendant groups, makes it accessible to be used in chemical and hydrocarbon curl seals.
FSR can withstand repeated flexing without stress cracking. In addition, FSR has good compression set re-sistance, great thermal and flame resistance properties and maintains excellent tear & tensile strength when exposed to harsh fluids and temperature extremes. Such capability of Fluorosilicone rubber makes it ideal to be used in thermal plants, medical, automotive, aerospace, chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Salient Features

Product Facility and Service

Reliance Rubber Industries Inc. is a manufacturer of fluorosilicone extrusion, fluorosilicone cord, fluorosili-cone quad shaped seals, fluorosilicone tubing and custom extruded seals. All of these products are totally hit because of their non-compromising quality at the best price. We are capable of handling bulk volumes, custom packing, and spooling. The convenience of easy and fast delivery makes this purchase a more promising one.


Our in-houes mixing facilities enables us to mix fluorosilicone and make custom compounds to meet demanding application needs. We offer various military spec, color matching and hardness Shore A.



Your order can be completely customized, as per your requirements. We provide value added services such as Cut to length extrusion, hot spliced endless gaskets, punching, corner splicing, rubber to metal fabrication, color matching, custom packaging.

Have specific custom material, size and color requirements? Please contact us today to get best competitive prices.

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