Silicone Dairy Tubing

Silicone Dairy Tubing

Reliance Rubber Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of silicone dairy tubing, silicone dairy hose, silicone milk tubing, silicone twin tubing, silicone milk & vacuum hoses, silicone twin pulsation hose. We have been supplying silicone dairy tubing and hose to dairy industry since 1990. Our continues improvements and over 30 years of manufacturing experience makes our silicone dairy tubing stand out and became very popular in dairy farms.

Salient Features


Most of our standard milk tubing and hose are made out of high quality silicone rubber. However we do offer other materials as per custom requirements. Contact us today to discuss your custom material requirements.



Here are some of our standard milk tubing sizes that are always available and in stock. However, your order can be completely customized, as per your requirements.

  • Silicone Twin Tubing For Dairy 9/32” ID
  • Silicone Twin Tubing For Dairy 1/4” ID
  • Silicone Milk Tubing 5/8” ID
  • Silicone Milk Hose ¾” ID
  • Silicone Milk Hose 7/8” ID
  • Silicone Milk Hose 7/16” ID
  • Silicone Milk Tubing ½” ID
  • Milk & vacuum hoses in various sizes
  • High Performance Silicone Milk Hose
  • Silicone Twin Pulsation Hose

We manufacture multi lumens milk hose per custom design for perfect fit with robotics and milk parlors

Have specific custom material, size and color requirements? Please contact us today to get best competitive prices.

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